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VTech - StoriKid Pocket

VTech - StoriKid Pocket

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  • Description

    StoriKid Pocket is the new portable interactive story box to carry everywhere!

    It's story time!


    • Your child discovers more than  3h30 of listening time  divided into stories, songs, bedtime stories and jokes!  the  Select  button on the back of the StoriKid Pocket allows you to choose the desired category.
    • Voice recorder to record your own stories or songs: up to 50 minutes of recording available. It's a portable interactive story box that can be transported everywhere!


    Transportable everywhere!


    • With its compact size and soft carrying handle , StoriKid Pocket is the ideal companion for your child. It tells stories, songs, jokes, bedtime stories and more. Without waves and without screen , it accompanies the child everywhere, from morning to evening.
    • The Jack socket allows you to connect headphones or earphones (not included).


    The little extras of the StoriKid Pocket that make the difference:


    1. Very rich and varied embedded content ; voice quality.
    2. Downloads of new stories, fables and songs by connecting to the Explor@ Park online platform (free & paid / a computer is necessary).
    3. Story creation: You can record the story of your choice for your child to listen to at will (up to 50 minutes).
    4. Timer  : allows you to choose the number of stories to listen to before the device goes to sleep.
    5. Jokes : when the child presses the star, he hears many very funny jokes!
    6. Without wave or screen.


    Included :


    • 100+ stories, songs and jokes
    • Up to 50 minutes of recording
    • Headphone or earphone jack (not included)
    • Soft carry handle
    • Ability to download new stories, songs and more (free and paid)
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