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VTech - My First KidiWatch

VTech - My First KidiWatch

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My First KidiWatch is an  interactive  kids watch that helps your child plan their day through fun adventures. Games to play alone or in pairs, music, challenges, a clock  that announces the time aloud and much more complete this first watch suitable for the youngest from 3 to 8 years old.



  • Talking Clock  : KidiWatch speaks the time out loud. More than 20 clock faces give the time in analog or digital mode.
  • Touch screen : Your child touches the screen to interact with the little dog and choose activities.
  • Daily routines  : The child can set reminders such as brushing teeth, going to bed, playing sports, going to school, etc.
  • Interactive games  : The child discovers a little puppy who loves being taken care of. Lots of games and activities allow you to learn how to take care of it (feed it, walk it, wash it etc.)
  • Wireless connection  : The wireless connection allows you to send pre-written messages and play 2 with another KidiWatch!
  • Parental controls  : School mode allows you to only display the time at certain times of the day. Other activities are blocked during this period.

Included in this children's watch:


  • Games: your child plays fun games and takes care of his little animal.
  • + 20 dials with digital and analogue time.
  • Rechargeable battery.



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