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VTech - Mon Premier Globe Lumi Touch

VTech - Mon Premier Globe Lumi Touch

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interactive globe with a luminous arch that allows the child to learn information about animals , famous sites , continents and much more. Lively music and a great quiz allow the child to discover the world while having fun!

Features of this globe for children:


  • 48 points of interaction : To discover and learn information and anecdotes about animals, continents, famous sites etc.
  • 7 different colored lights: Your child turns the globe to see the arch light up.
  • Animals: To listen to interesting information about the animals of the world.
  • Famous Sites: Explore famous man-made sites around the world.
  • Greetings: Your child discovers how people greet each other in other languages.
  • Typical dishes: To discover fun facts about typical dishes from around the world.
  • Globe button: Your child presses the Globe button to hear random information.


Included in this interactive toy:


  • 48 points of interaction: Greetings, Animals, Famous sites, Continents and oceans.
  • Light arch with 7 colors.
  • 5 songs & 30 melodies.
  • + than 100 information on the world.
  • Learning: Memory, Music, Geography, Foreign languages.
  • Adjusting the sound volume 
  • Automatic shutdown.




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