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Vtech Digiart Magi Lumi Artiste

Vtech Digiart Magi Lumi Artiste

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This magical and luminous slate accompanies children step by step in their discovery of coloring and drawing.

Two play modes:

1) mystery coloring: The child places one of the 50 sketches provided in the middle of the stand to start their creations. Magic, the sketch is recognized and part of the drawing lights up to set the area to be colored while a large light button shows the color to use. Once the desired part is colored, the child presses the light button to switch to the next color and area. And so on… As you color, the drawing will appear. It plays fun sounds and fun songs related to its drawing.

2) Learning: Using an erasable pen (not supplied) or transparent with a sheet, the child learns how to draw step-by-step shapes, objects and animals by following the trace of the luminous dots. 2 in 1 – Stencils on the back of the slate allow for a more attractive appearance.

Includes 6 coloured pencils and a storage compartment on the back.

Sketches are also downloadable for free.

Sound volume control and auto power off

Requires 2 LR6 batteries included

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