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Twickto, Construction #1

Twickto, Construction #1

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Construction #1

Construction #1 dives into the tough world of construction. A strong excavator, a tall crane or mobile forklift. Each and every creation is designed to construct and play with. But your fantasy is limitless, so you can build whatever you want.

This instruction shows how to build your own forklift. The special control enables the forklift to be quick and manoeuvrable, so you can reach everything, anywhere. This machine might not seem like the biggest, but can lift almost anything. Building this essential, agile helper in construction requires quite some precision. Can you handle it? 

The crane, your best friend in construction. This large structure is not only impressive to the eye, but will also lift the heaviest of objects. Make sure the crane is balanced out by placing additional ballast on the other side of the crane. Thanks to the elevated cabin, you can oversee the entire construction site. 

The digger is the real deal. It makes easy work of the heaviest tasks and is extremely strong. Thanks to the tires, the digger is a lot more mobile and will get you where you need to be quickly. 

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