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Tooky toy

Tooky toy - Stacking Game, Animal

Tooky toy - Stacking Game, Animal

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Cool animal version of a jenga game. Each layer is a different animal's face and each face is divided into 3 parts. Roll the dice and see what color you must remove. so much fun for the whole family

Specification :Item size approx 7.5cmLx7.5cmWx23cmH. Dice size 2cmLx2cmWx2cmH

Rec. Age: 3 Years +
Brand: Tooky Toy
Boosts cognitive skills and sensory development
Improves concentration
Helps develop gross and fine motor skills
Develop communication skills
Materials: Juniper Wood, MDF, Paper
Content Pieces: 61
Measurement: 8x8x26.5cm

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