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Spin Master - Cardinal, Snakes And ladders

Spin Master - Cardinal, Snakes And ladders

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  • Get ready! It’s the family-fun game you love to play.

    Get your crew together for the Snakes & Ladders game for kids from Spin Master Games! In this sliding, climbing family-favorite game, try to be the first to land on the 100 spot by exact count. On your way around to the 100 spot, you’ll take some shortcuts by climbing up ladders, but those slithery snakes will have you sliding back down! For 2-4 players, get ready for fun with parents, cousins, friends, and more! This exciting kids game is for anyone ages 5 and up. It makes a great competitive family game for summer break and after school. Snakes & Ladders makes the perfect easy board game for family night or games for kids 3 years and up.

    Includes :

    • 1 Gameboard
    • 1 Punch Sheet (with four Standees and Spinner)
    • 1 Spinner Arrow and Snap
    • 4 Mover Stands

    3+ years / 2-4 players 

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