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Spin Master

Spin Master - Batman DC: The Caped Crusader

Spin Master - Batman DC: The Caped Crusader

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  • Gotham City is in turmoil as heroes and villains face off in battles using transformable mega-gear armor. This set includes a 10cm action figure with transformable mega-gear armor, with various characters available (random selection).

    Each of these highly detailed figures features 11 points of articulation, allowing them to be posed in various dynamic positions. When equipped with the Mega Gear armor, the action figures are ready for epic battles.

    Enjoy thrilling action-packed adventures with characters like Batman, King Shark, and more from Gotham City. These figures can be combined with other characters and playsets in the Batman and DC 10 cm action figure line.

    This set is a must-have for Batman fans and collectors aged 4 and up, offering cool transformations with Mega Gear Armor. It includes 1 figure (10cm) and 1 transformable Mega-Gear armor.

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