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Smart Pocket - Soft Building Block

Smart Pocket - Soft Building Block

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1. Is a classical toy which offer endless hour of creative play for kids. It can play alone or a group of people. 

2. Is an early learning toy which can develop imagination and creativity with this colorful collection set of soft blocks, include various kinds of shapes. They can think of different ideas in their mind. Parents can observe their kids thru the game. Also, it can stimulate their hand-eye coordination, help to improve their multi skills while sorting, counting, grouping, matching, design and constructing. 

3. This soft blocks is soft and safe, made by child-friendly rubber material, are toxin Free Certified Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, BPA-free and FDA approved, You can be rest assured knowing your kids are 100% safe from harmful chemicals when chew on them, toss them in the tub, play with them wherever you want, Squeeze, squeaky! Chewable blocks, perfect for Lil’ nibblers. 100℃ high temperature boiled without deformation. This blocks also burr-free and smooth without sharp edge. 

4. Portable which the storage box of the soft blocks is well-design with wheels like a trolley, which is easier for kids to move or carry around wherever they want. 

5. Is waterproof material. This building blocks are water resistant and can be used in the bathtub or pool. With our light-weight design our blocks will float on the water and can be easily cleaned.

Specifications:  1. Material: Rubber  Size: 3cm x 3cm x (7 pcs) Size: 6cm x 3cm x (21 pcs) Size: 9cm x 3cm x (21 pcs) Size: 12cm x 3cm x (7 pcs)

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