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Superheated - Pylos

Superheated - Pylos

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A game of careful supply control that you play in 3 dimensions!

Your goal is to place a marble of your color at the top of the pyramid. Choose whether to place a marble or move a marble up to a higher level. Build squares to reclaim marbles from the board. If you have more marbles than your opponent at the end, you will place the last one and win!

Simple Rules

Pylos features simple rules that enable you to start playing this game quickly, and you'll be able to teach your friends just as easily.

Attractive Display

In addition to being fun to play, our wooden games make an attractive display piece for your coffee table, desk or shelf.

Games are great for your mental health!

Pylos Mini is a great activity to stimulate your brain and has excellent educational quality as a foundational abstract game.

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