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Pinio - Cube Hanging Shelf

Pinio - Cube Hanging Shelf

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The basic feature  of the Cube collection  is its modularity - all blocks from this collection have the same width, thanks to which they can be combined with each other in any way (e.g. modules with additional drawers or doors can be added to the wardrobe underneath or on top). Therefore, only the basic elements such as: a cot, a chest of drawers and wardrobes have legs included, while the other modules are sold without them. The assumption is that they will be combined with other furniture, but they can also be used as free-standing units, in which case legs must be purchased separately. The collection is available in light grey, legs and handles are made of varnished beech wood. 

3-door module (III) from the Cube collection:

Features: 3-door module (III) with a high-quality soft closing system. As a standard, it is delivered without wooden legs, due to the fact that by default the module is to be used with furniture that has legs included. You can buy legs separately if the module is to be used as a free-standing piece of furniture. The legs in the furniture can be mounted at two possible heights (difference 128 mm). As a standard, the furniture is delivered with handles in the color of varnished beech wood, on request, the handles can be changed into colored ones.

Possibility of combining:  Wooden legs can be purchased separately for the module; The module fits:

1. 3-door wardrobe

2. 3-door wardrobe with sliding doors

3. 3-door module (IV)

4. 3-drawer module (III)

Modules can be mounted both on top and bottom of other products.

Specification :

Dimensions: 154 / 51.8 / 62.2-75 (dimension with feet); 150 / 51.8 / 50 (dimension without feet)

Materials: The module is made of laminated chipboard (body, external elements) and solid beech wood (legs, handles).

Colour:  light grey

No legs included.

Quality and safety:  The module has been painted with safe, certified paints in accordance with EN 71-2. Boards with a reduced content of formaldehyde were used - in the E05 standard.

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