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Tomy Toomies

Pic & Push T-Rex

Pic & Push T-Rex

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The Tomy Toomies Jurassic World Pic n Push T-Rex is ready for adventure and designed to encourage developmental play for babies and toddlers. Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? Toomies brings that wonder to a new generation with the Jurassic World Pic & Push T. Rex!

There are two ways to play. Push the T. Rex along using the toddler friendly easy-grip handle and roll over the colourful rocks to collect them in the Gyrosphere. They'll be delighted by how it magically picks up the rocks when it rolls over them. This simple-to-operate toy is perfect for encouraging toddlers to help beginning Walkers develop gross motor skills. If your little one hasn't quite got up on their feet however, the Gyrosphere wheel also works separately as a floor activity toy for crawling play. However you choose to play, Toomies welcomes little explorers to a Jurassic World full of fun!

Product Features:

  • Colourful Pic & Push T. Rex features two ways to encourage developmental play & movement
  • Holding on to the easy grip handle, toddlers will be delighted as they roll over the colourful rocks to collect them all inside the Gyrosphere ball
  • The T. Rex detaches, and the Gyrosphere can be used on its own for fun floor play
  • Easy-to-hold dinosaur toys are perfect for babies and toddlers

Age recommendation: 12m+

Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 21.5cm

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