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MoMi Ebes Rocker Chair

MoMi Ebes Rocker Chair

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MoMi EBES is a rocket seat that puts the baby’s comfort first. A nice, soft seat with an adjustable backrest, extra cushion for the baby’s head, and a foldable canopy protecting from the sun and wind.

Additionally, 3 fluffy toys within arms’ reach and a sensory unit playing melodies, vibrating softly, and even flashing lights.

  • 3-point safety belts and a wide crotch belt
  • 3-point backrest adjustment
  • Blockable rocking function
  • Adjustable canopy protecting from the wind and sun
  • Removable textile cover which is machine-washable
  • A bar with 3 toys and a sensory unit with 10 melodies, vibrations and lights


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