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Make It Real

Make It Real - Color Fusion Swirling Lip Gloss

Make It Real - Color Fusion Swirling Lip Gloss

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swirled lip gloss colors with the Color
Fusion Lip gloss Maker.
Just 3 easy steps: 1) Select two yummy scented
lip gloss colors, 2) insert the cartridges, 3) spin the
handle: That’s it! Turning the handle will create a
fabulous, swirled creation ready to be used. Add
the finished tube to the crystal shaped carry case
with bag clip and take it anywhere! Select, Swirl,
Sparkle! Makes 10 swirled lip gloss wands with
EACH SET CONTAINS: 1 lip gloss maker, 1 EVA
sticker sheet, 10 tubes, 10 applicator
wands, 10 applicator scrapers, 1 crystal
carrying case, 1 carrying case cap with
bag clip, 5 scented lip gloss cartridges
(cherry, vanilla, strawberry, coconut,
blueberry), 1 instruction sheet.

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