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Life Skills

Life Skills, Atelier d'Ecriture Creative

Life Skills, Atelier d'Ecriture Creative

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Does your child dream of becoming a real writer? The KIDS LOVE Creative Writing Workshop is for him. 

This Life Skills educational game helps children to free their imagination and develop effective communication through playful and fun activities. 

While entertaining, the creative writing workshop is also a valid professional tool suitable for teachers, speech therapists, educators, psychologists… as well as for parents. 

It consists of a kit offering an effective teaching method to stimulate the child to write creatively. 

Comes with notebooks and pencils, The Life Skills Creative Writing Workshop contains what you need to become a great writer! 

Your child can play independently or share quality moments with the family. This educational game offers step-by-step instructions and various suggestions to enrich parent-child relationships while having fun. 

It is suitable for children from 8 to 12 years old.

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