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LEGO DOTS - Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

LEGO DOTS - Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

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Even more design options in this Mega Pack of Sticky Patches.

Have a child ages 6 and up who wants to decorate everything and loves arts and crafts? It can satisfy both preferences with the fun LEGO® DOTS Sticky Patch Megapack (41957) set! This creative kit contains 5 brightly colored 8x8 adhesive patches that stick to a hard, flat surface, 450+ colorful tiles, including 10 randomly decorated tiles, and a tile remover. Children can easily and intuitively create 1 large design or several smaller ones according to their preferences and show their style, then transform the patches whenever they want.

Decorate everything

DOTS sets allow children to experience the joy and creativity of LEGO play as they build and decorate a variety of toy sets. Anything is possible with this creative megapack of 5 sticky patches because magic and power lie in a child's imagination. Premium quality DOTS sets can be a fun spontaneous gift for kids who want to get in on the latest trends.

Stick your design wherever you want with the Mega Pack of Sticky Patches! Lay out an 8 x 8 LEGO® DOTS adhesive patch and add colorful tiles in a unique pattern of your own – one large design or several smaller ones – then stick them to a flat, hard surface. Find inspiration in the box or unleash your creativity and show what you can really do! Time for a change? Transform them whenever you want!

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