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Kinderkraft - LULI Swing

Kinderkraft - LULI Swing

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  • LULI has five rocking speeds – this allows you to not only control the speed of rocking, but also adjust the speed to your child's individual needs.
  • The rocker comes with 12 melodies and adjustable volume – if your little one is slowly falling asleep, you can just turn the music down with one click.
  • The removable cushion and sewn-in reinforcements provide your child with complete body support and can be better adjusted to their height.
  • The motor is very quiet – the rocker will snuggle your little one to sleep and the noise won't disturb them.
  • The cover has a gorgeous design, meaning the bouncer will suit most interiors. It'll look great not only in your child's bedroom, but also in the living room.
  • It's soft and pleasant to the touch. It's also removable, making it easier to clean.


  • Measurements: L51 x W61 x H55 cm
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