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Tomy Toomies

Jumbo's Jamboree

Jumbo's Jamboree

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It’s party time whenever the Jumbo Jamboree rolls into town! This clever little elephant on wheels will roll merrily along playing a happy tune, with toddlers following in his wake to get a better look at all his lively colors.

But Jumbo has an extra trick up his trunk. Pull him apart into seven pieces and you have an orchestra on your hands!

His trunk is a trumpet… his matching ears rattle, there are pan pipes, a xylophone and more! Children will love discovering these hidden surprises and experimenting with music and rhythm. And when it’s time for the band to move on, there’s a matching game you can play! Parts like the trunk and the ears clip on to color-coded connectors, while stripes on the back help line up the remaining parts in the right sequence.

Jumbo’s Jamboree develops memory (he is an elephant, after all) and helps refine motor skills as your little one works out how to piece together the different pieces for a really satisfying end result. The tune that sounds as he rolls along and the music the children can play with the instruments all make for a journey of discovery and creativity.

Jumbo’s Jamboree from TOMY is an elephant of many parts and many talents.

Color match his seven parts together like a jigsaw puzzle, then take them apart ready to play a tune.

Each is an instrument to shake, bang, rattle and blow!

Encourage baby to crawl as you pull Jumbo along to hear a jolly tune.

Suitable from 12 months onwards.

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