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Infunbebe - Combo Set 2 in 1

Infunbebe - Combo Set 2 in 1

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Visual Stimulation:

  • Can improves your baby's attention span, curiosity, memory and nervous system development.
  • Helps your baby's brain thrive by stimulating visual input with contrast patterns and images.
  • Helps develop memory and imagination.


  • Helps stimulate and develop baby's auditory skills.

Hand to eye coordination

  • From basic reaching and grasping to more refined, controlled actions.
  • Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination in young children.
  • Helps your child to develop good reflexes.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Helps your child to use their hands for precise movement.
  • Helps little fingers to move with agility and dexterity.
  • Helps your child start use their hands right at birth to explore their own bodies and the world around them.

Light & Sounds

  • Light-up musical rewards give fun responses to help baby understand cause and effect.
  • The sounds stimulate your baby's senses and encourage them to look, touch and feel.


  • Radio
  • Key chain




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