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IMC - Cry Babies, Dressy Kristal Is Sick

IMC - Cry Babies, Dressy Kristal Is Sick

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  • IMC Cry Babies Dressy Kristal is sick is an interactive toy that comes from the series “Cry Babies, Magic Tears”. This baby doll is ideal for girls aged 3 and up and will allow them to have fun while helping to heal Kristal. The doll is designed to be in need of care, with the ability to run a fever, cough, and cry real tears. Also, when she is very sick, her face turns red and red dots appear. With the included thermometer, children can measure Kristal’s temperature and, if she has a high fever, they can put a wet washcloth on her forehead, give her medicine or even give her an injection, to make her feel better and stop crying.

    This toy includes a number of accessories, including a pacifier, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, syrup and washcloth. In addition, it also includes a change of clothes, bear pajamas and an instruction manual.

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