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Geomag - Mechanics Cravity, Loops And Turns

Geomag - Mechanics Cravity, Loops And Turns

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  • Use the forces of gravity and magnetism to create movement!
    Mechanics Gravity kits are made from recycled plastics. Combine magnetic sticks and metal balls in any way you want to create countless compositions. The Mechanics line was created for everyone who wants to discover the secrets of constructing models of machines and levers that can be driven, rotated and moved. Magnetic elements are durable and have high attractive power, which makes the structures created stable. Magnetic blocks stimulate creativity, develop manual skills and introduce small and large constructors to the world of physics, while providing a lot of fun!

    - Discover the physical principles of magnetism and gravity.
    - Try the mechanism powered by gravity.
    - Learn the basics of mechanics.

    Number of elements: 130

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