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Five Star

Five Star - High-speed railway multifunctional learning table

Five Star - High-speed railway multifunctional learning table

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  • Educational table Piano Train Steering wheel Sound

    An interactive table with many activities is not only an idea for a very interesting game, but also an original way to improve the proper development of a baby. The white top of the table is equipped with elements of various shapes and colors that attract the child's eyes. This item pleasantly stimulates the toddler's hearing and eyesight, as well as stimulates his manual skills and senses.

    What's on the educational table top?

    - gears that train precision and manual skills

    - a piano that activates various melodies and sounds of animals (cat, dog, duck, horse, elephant) - the child will be able to get to know pets

    - a small steering wheel, which can be turned 360 degrees, is connected with a horn located in its central part,

    - the gear lever on the right side increases the speed of the train

    - the button next to the mirror stops the spinning train

    - three geometric shapes, after pressing one of them, the rest pop up

    - in the center there is a rotating roulette with balls, when pressed, they quickly rotate around the axis.


    Playing with this sensational, multifunctional table for a toddler has only advantages. It influences the development of the child's fingers and hands, and encourages them to stand independently and make attempts to take small steps. Numerous sound effects stimulate baby's hearing, while various colors and shapes activate baby's eyesight.

    The panel can be easily removed from the table and attached to the frame of the cot, using the attached straps.

    Table legs height:

    25 cm

    Table dimensions:

    42 cm x 42 cm x 45 cm

    Panel dimensions:

    35 cm x 34 cm x 12 cm

    Size of the package:

    52.5 cm x 42.5 cm x 21 cm

    The educational table has been designed for children over 3 years of age. The dimensions of the toy and its individual elements were adjusted to them, and care was taken to ensure that the structure was free from sharp and dangerous endings. The table rests on legs placed on each side of the table top, which guarantees high stability and comfort of use. The item has a CE certificate, which proves that it meets the required standards, and is packed in an aesthetic box with a handle that makes it easy to carry the toy.

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