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Create It

Create It - Glittery Hair Mascara

Create It - Glittery Hair Mascara

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With the Create it! Glittery Hair Mascara, you’re ensured of a nice colouring and shimmering touch to your hair. This is awesome for summer or when you go to a party. Simply apply to dry hair, comb through and shape it with this Hair Mascara.

Combine the colours to create an even bigger colour effect to your hair. Whenever you’re getting bored with your own hair colour, just grab the Hair Mascara and start experimenting with the beautiful bright colours.

The product is easy to remove from your hair. Just wash your hair with a mild shampo and you’re done.

The Create it! Glittery Hair Mascara is available in three different colours:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Turquoise


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