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Paw Patrol - Rubble's Deluxe BullDozer

Paw Patrol - Rubble's Deluxe BullDozer

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  • Team up with Rubble to rescue Liberty and Chase from the obedience school with the PAW Patrol: The Movie Rubbles Deluxe Bulldozer! This PAW Patrol toy set has everything you need to relive the scene from the big screen, including two play pieces, three PAW Patrol figures and Rubbles transforming bulldozer toy truck. Place Chase inside the doghouse play piece and Liberty on the outside, set up the brick wall, and get ready for rescue action! Discover all of the Deluxe Bulldozers exciting features, including a cement mixer that moves up and down and a wrecking ball that extends and transforms into a claw! Smash through the obedience schools wall to Liberty and Chases rescue, then use the wrecking ball claw to clean up the scene! For more ways to play, Rubbles Deluxe Bulldozer even has a front loader scoop that moves up and down
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