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Dream Villa

Dream Villa DIY Stitching 298 Pcs

Dream Villa DIY Stitching 298 Pcs

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Use your imagination to assemble more shapes!

Product size: 86*70*98 cm

A large Dream Villa doll house with lighting and rich accessories. 
  • 2 dolls,
  • a slide,
  • an elevator,
  • lots of beautiful furniture,
  • a car,
  • a fence,
  • more...
This four-story house hides a whole range of gadgets. You can easily get to the 1st or 2nd floor with the elevator, where you can go up the stairs to the attic. Explore the fridge and oven in the kitchen, enjoy a fruity cocktail or enjoy an outdoor barbecue with friends. Relax on a comfortable bed or explore the gazebo. Don't forget the spacious bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. Of course, it also includes other furniture such as a table or chairs and other accessories.
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