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Bestway - Pool ball circle paddling 122cm 2+

Bestway - Pool ball circle paddling 122cm 2+

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  • children's pool, paddling pool, swimming set, inflatable circle, inflatable ball, beach ball
  • Basenik + ball + wheel in beautiful marine graphics is a proposal from Bestway for the youngest.
    Round inflatable pool - paddling pool 122cm in diameter and 20cm high easily accommodates 2 children, where they can play together.
    The basin has 2 separate air chambers in the shape of rings, additionally protected against the escape of air to the outside.
    It is made of a soft, durable material. Small size and weight allows you to take it anywhere, on the beach, grass or holiday trip.
    The ball with the graphics of water animals with a diameter of 27cm will ensure lots of fun for little ones.
    A 46cm circle designed for children from 3-6 years old.

    Set contains:
    - pool
    - swimming wheel
    - ball
    - repair patch

    Technical data:
    - diameter of the basin 122cm
    - pool height 20cm
    - wheel diameter 46cm
    - diameter of the ball 27cm
    - suggested filling of 137 liters

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