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Clementoni, Super Labo de Chimie

Clementoni, Super Labo de Chimie

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It is magic ? No, it's chemistry! Extraordinary Chemistry by Clémentoni is an educational game to approach science while having fun with a brand new laboratory. The box includes all the tools of a scientist. A unique and functional design for different types of experiences! A space dedicated to solutions and filtrations, a station for measuring and weighing substances and a base for experimenting with chemical reactions. We also like the manual contained in the Extraordinary Chemistry box set which offers experiments, of different levels of difficulty, for surprising results! The gaming experience is extended with the mobile application and the 5 challenge experiences to take up: it is only by scanning the cards and following the online tutorial that it will be possible to know if the experience has successful! Your child will love...


Please note: this is not suitable for children under 36 months.

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