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Clementoni - Science & Play, Mechanics Racing Cars

Clementoni - Science & Play, Mechanics Racing Cars

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• Build a fleet of 20 racing car models: Mechanics Lab – Racing Cars offers over 350 interchangeable components, allowing kids to construct their own fleet of 20 Formula 1 racing car models. The possibilities for customization and design are endless.
• Authentic Formula 1 features: The high-performance race car model includes a functioning steering wheel, an adjustable rear spoiler for aerodynamic precision, and rear wheels that can be operated using a differential gear mechanism. Every detail replicates the excitement and precision of Formula 1 racing.
• Explore other thrilling models: In addition to Formula 1 cars, this kit allows kids to build other exciting models like go-karts, super buggies, and more. The versatile components encourage creativity and experimentation.
• Illustrated manual for a seamless building experience: The included manual guides kids through the assembly steps, ensuring a smooth and rewarding building process. It provides detailed instructions and illustrations to make construction easy and enjoyable.
• Educational and skill-building experience: Mechanics Lab – Racing Cars offers more than just construction fun. It nurtures problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and attention to detail. Kids will gain valuable insights into mechanics and engineering as they build and explore the models.
• Fuel their passion for speed and engineering: This racing car laboratory is perfect for young minds with a passion for speed, precision, and the excitement of racing. It’s an opportunity for children to develop motor skills, unleash their creativity, and appreciate the art of engineering.

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