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Cicciobello Monello Playful

Cicciobello Monello Playful

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Cicciobello, the doll most loved by girls, was born in 1962 and soon became a symbol for many generations of children who, through play, began to learn what it means to take care of a child. With its size and realistic features, Cicciobello perfectly replicates a newborn and over the years several versions have followed, characterized by different dresses, functions and accessories.

Cicciobello is sweet, tender, he is always in need of pampering and attention but sometimes he throws a tantrum and kicks. Cicciobello Playful is the new version of the doll that laughs, shrieks and kicks like a real child! Like a real child, Cicciobello Monello loves to play, tripping happily and laughing happily and making noises when you tickle his tummy.

But if you try to put his socks on, he starts kicking with a tantrum! Give him the cuddles, give him the pacifier and let him play with the rattle and Cicciobello will be calm again.

Cicciobello Playful is an original Giochi Preziosi product suitable from 2 years of age and is the perfect gift for birthday, Christmas or any occasion in which you want to give a gift that stimulates the imagination and the sense of tenderness of all little girls who will look after him with love as a real mother would do with her baby.

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