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Cicciobello Bobo

Cicciobello Bobo

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Cicciobello Bobo is ill : his cheeks are all red!

Quickly, take his temperature to see if he has a fever and listen to his heart with the stethoscope . Give him medicine to calm him down!
Is he still crying? Give him a shot!
He's getting better ? Give him a bottle or vitamins!
Look at your Cicciobello Bobo doll he quietly falls asleep when you give him his magic pacifier, which lights up at night.

The infant measures 35 cm. It comes with 7 accessories:

-3 bottles
-A needle
-A thermometer
-A stethoscope,
-A lollipop

Your child will love to imitate big people taking care of her baby and by the caregiver
Works with 3 LR06 batteries not included.
Reference: 854453
Barcode: 8001444432060
Age: 3 years+

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