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Caploonba - Aden Medium Bedroom

Caploonba - Aden Medium Bedroom

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Aden Baby Room is simplicity that can be used in combination with many colors! With this most beautiful form of simplicity, babies grow up in a peaceful environment, while parents are confident that the room set has whatever they need for their babies, thanks to the large storage capacity and many drawers.


  • Baby Bed
  • 2-door wardrobe
  • small Dresser
  • Matress
  • Bedding Set

Eden Cradle 70x130

Eden Cradle, which provides ease of use with its four middle bars, can be easily removed and installed, has two levels. The top level allows you to reach your baby more easily; Require lower level, being suitable for Montessori education, makes the baby feel free.
The Aden cradle has no sharp corners.

  • Ergonomic design made with ease of installation and use in mind
  • 18mm-25mm thick Chipboard in E1 Quality Standards 
  • Modular installation with minifix and dowel joining system for maximum rigidity
  • High hole precision in CNC machines thanks to the advanced machine park
  • Packing and shipment with shrink nylon in sealed cardboard boxes
  • Front guardrail middle 4 bars removal and installation
  • Color Side White / Fog Gray

Eden Dresser

While Aden Dresser provides a wide area with its deep drawers, parents can easily locate all items related to their babies.

Aden 2-Door Wardrobe with Drawers

It has a large storage capacity with 2 drawers and 2 doors. Items can be grouped easily to get rid of clutter quickly. It is reliable with the brake system in the drawers.
Item Width Depth Height
Bed 138 cm 77 cm 89 cm
Dresser 93 cm 47 cm 93 cm
2-door wardrobe 120 cm 57 cm 193 cm

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