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Barbie - Skipper Doll And Ear-Piercer Set

Barbie - Skipper Doll And Ear-Piercer Set

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Barbie® Skipper First Jobs™ dolls and playsets let kids explore the working world with the teenaged sister of Barbie®. Inspired by the Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure™ movie, this playset builds Skipper™ doll's resume with a job at an ear-piercing studio. Imaginations can engage in role-play with a tool that 'pierces' the doll's ear to add earrings -- 10 pairs are included! Kids can display them on the stand and play out job-related adventures with additional storytelling pieces. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Skipper™ doll explores the working world with a series of First Jobs in Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure™, and kids can bring the action to life with this ear-piercing playset!
  • The Barbie® set features a Skipper™ doll and ear-piercing tool that let kids role-play the action and add earrings to the doll's ears -- again and again!
  • Kids choose a set of earrings from 10 pairs, attach one to the piercer with a pink stud, then press to the dolls' pre-pierced ears to give her a new look with a wow moment -- remove and repeat!
  • The piercing station has space to display the earrings, a section to hold the doll's gear and a chair for clients!
  • Additional pieces include sanitizer, cotton balls, an employee badge, ear marker and 2 necklaces to expand the styling and storytelling fun!
  • With such fun repeat activity, the Skipper™ ear-piercer playset makes a great gift to engage kids 3 years and older!
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