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Barbie - Mermaid Doll, Nurturing Playset

Barbie - Mermaid Doll, Nurturing Playset

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Dive into storytelling with this nurturing-themed Barbie® fairytale playset! Barbie® mermaid doll has straight lavender hair and a beautifully detailed pink and purple tail. She is ready to care for a merbaby, octopus and baby seal with accessories that includes a Ferris wheel-inspired bed, rocking seahorse, bottle and blanket. Barbie® doll cannot swim or stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Help Barbie® doll care for a merbaby, baby seal and baby octopus in this fantasy set that puts a magical twist on classic nurturing play.
  • The mermaid has lavender fantasy hair and a beautifully sculpted pastel pink tail with purple fins. She wears a bright yellow bodice and a ruffled overlay at her hips!
  • The nautical, Ferris wheel-inspired bed has three shell cribs and really spins! Tuck each of the little ones inside with a pearl belt to make sure they stay safe and sound.
  • Seat the merbaby on the adorable seahorse rocker for a fun activity! Its gentle swaying mimics the motion of ocean currents, which is super soothing for a newborn mermaid.
  • The included bottle and blanket help encourage nurturing role-play. From swaddling the seal to playing hide and seek with the octopus or feeding the merbaby, there are so many story possibilities!
  • Spark young imaginations with this sweet Barbie® fantasy set! It makes a perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up, along with other Barbie® dolls and playsets!
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