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Babyjem - Tummy My First Bed

Babyjem - Tummy My First Bed

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This lovely bed from Babyjem is ideal for your little one to be able to sleep or take a nap anywhere. The bed provides a safe feeling like in the womb and is specially designed for a good night's sleep and fewer sleep interruptions.

Your child is always close to you.

The head part is higher and specially shaped, which stops reflux and also ensures that your baby maintains the shape of his / her head.

The belly strap ensures that your little one is in a good position, but at the same time keeps his / her freedom of movement. The footrest also helps to prevent colic in the stomach. 

It is very easy and compact to take anywhere in the supplied bag .

  • It feels safe as in the womb.
  • High head area prevents reflux and maintains head shape.
  • Helps prevent gas pain with foot support.
  • Keeps your baby in the correct position with the abdominal band.
  • It does not restrict your baby’s freedom of movement.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Warm water washable cover.
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