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Babyjem - Multi-purpose Lock with Cord, 4-Piece

Babyjem - Multi-purpose Lock with Cord, 4-Piece

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    • When our children begin to crawl and walk, they become eager to explore places with a sense of curiosity and discovery.
    • In this process, it is very common for them to reach and distribute many household items such as cabinets, drawers, white goods, toilet seats and many other similar household items. While the corded multi-purpose lock eliminates the possibility of mess and minor problems at home, you can raise your baby in a safe and comfortable environment.

    Usage areas:

    • It can be easily used on drawers, cabinets, white goods, toilets and all covered surfaces thanks to the double-sided tape.
    • It is very easy to remove the product from the surface you applied it to. It will definitely not damage your belongings. You can clean the remaining tape pieces on the surface by rubbing them with a cloth or the tip of your finger.

    Use of:

    • Remove the protective strip of the double-sided tape on the product.
    • Before using the multi-purpose lock, be sure to clean the relevant surface with a clean cloth, then press the product on the relevant area with your finger for a while and the product will be fixed successfully.
    • You must wait 24 hours after the product is fixed for the tape to hold firmly on the surface and for long-term use.

    we recommend.

    • Thanks to the latch mechanism on the product, you can easily open the lock with one finger.


    • The product is for precautionary purposes and requires parental supervision.
    • It is recommended to install the product in a place out of reach of children.
    • Do not use the product for any other purpose.
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