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Babyjem - Foldable Bathroom Set

Babyjem - Foldable Bathroom Set

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Thanks to the folding feature of the body, the bathtub does not take up space in your bathroom.
It has easy folding legs.
Before use, open the folded legs and press down on the soft body of the bathtub to open it.
Before each use, make sure that the feet are firmly on the ground.
Never leave your baby alone in water. Always bathe under adult supervision.
After use, drain the water inside, close it by pressing the soft body from the reverse side, fold the legs and hang them to dry.

Babyjem foldable bath set consists of 5 pieces and will be sent in a gift box.

1- Babyjem foldable baby bath tub

2-Babyjem foldable baby bath bucket

3-Babyjem foldable baby bath cup

4-Babyjem bath net for foldable bathtub

5-Babyjem cellulosic baby bath sponge

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