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Babyjem - Educational Pillow with Toy

Babyjem - Educational Pillow with Toy

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Babyjem Educational Pillow with Toy is designed to support the development of your baby's motor skills by lying in the right position with its soft fabric structure and ergonomic design.

šŸ‘¼ By placing your baby in the prone position on the soft fiber-filled mat,
you can make him lie down comfortably on the toy area.

šŸ¼ Your baby's hand-eye coordination will be supported while reaching and playing with soft toys attached with colored
circles, so it will also benefit her learning to keep her head upright.

šŸ° While attracting your baby's attention with its colorful design,
you can also use the colorful figures and rings as toys externally.

šŸ¦ It is completely made of cotton fabric and is compatible with your baby's skin.

šŸ’ž You can remove the zippered cover and wash it in the machine.

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