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Babyjem - 5 in 1 Cushion

Babyjem - 5 in 1 Cushion

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Newborn Lounger Portable Soft Breathable Baby Snuggle Nest. The lightweight design makes the baby lounger easy as a bassinet for a bed, or travel bed. Makes baby feel more secure and cozy. Made of 100% cotton fabric and high quality 3D polymer material filler. Safe to baby’s sensitive skin. It can give your baby safe and just like sleeping in the mother’s arms, enjoying more deep sleep. The baby lounger simulates the bionic design of the uterus, like sleeping in the mother’s arms, enjoying more deep sleep, and reducing the frequency of putting kids go to bed. The cotton pad side guardrail design prevents the baby from rolling out of the bed when the baby is sideways, and prevents the baby from turning over to the nose.


  • Help babies feel safe and secure while they are sleeping. Your little one sleeps more, and All Family sleep more.
  • You can use it in your bed next to you because it is so secure for a newborn Baby.
  • You can take it with you to anywhere easily because it is not heavy but so comfy.
  • Hand wash only. Double Sided. You can use both sides.
  • Up to about 12 months, depending on how tall your baby is.
  • Ribbons can be opened. Simply loosen the ribbon at the end of the bumpers to make the size larger.
  • The end of the bumpers can be fully open
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