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Babyjem 2 Functional Swaddle / Changing Mat

Babyjem 2 Functional Swaddle / Changing Mat

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Babyjem 2 Function Bottom Opening Pad
It is a practical product that you can use while changing your baby's diaper.

It has been designed with all the features in mind that will make it easier for parents who have trouble changing diapers, especially for active babies.

The Babyjem 2 Function Bottom Opening Pad, which turns into a bottom opening unit by opening the bag form, is wipeable and hand-washable.

With the velcro side arms opening and taking the shape of a cone, your baby's arms will remain on the cone and will not be uncomfortable when changing the bottom.

You can adjust the velcro according to your baby's comfort.

You can use it comfortably while changing your baby's diaper, and you can carry all your spare materials that will be useful for you in the zippered bottom compartment.
After each use, you can clean it with a clean cloth, shape it into a bag and carry it with you easily.

It does not stain thanks to its water repellent fabric.

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