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B. - Bug Bungalow

B. - Bug Bungalow

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Round up your favorite critters for a closer look with the Bug Bungalow from B. toys! This insect catching kit comes with everything your child needs to inspect bugs – a pair of tweezers to catch the insects, a case to hold them, a container with a magnifying lid to examine them, and a magnifier to see all of the little details. The mesh case keeps bugs safe and secure, while the swing-up door makes it easy to release them back into the wild when the inspection is over. And your kiddo doesn’t have to stay in one spot – they can grab the handy handle and take their kit wherever they go! Catching critters also keeps children active and helps them learn more about the mini wonders of the natural world. Recommended for kids 3 years and over.

3 Years +

  • Bug Catcher: Examine little critters with a four-piece insect catching kit for kids!
  • Includes: This outdoor playset comes with 1 mesh case, 1 container with a magnifying lid, 1 pair of tweezers, and 1 magnifier.
  • Backyard Fun: Catch your favorite bugs and pop them in the case!
  • Study & Learn: Get a close look by examining the bugs with the container or the magnifier.
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