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B. - AlphaBus

B. - AlphaBus

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Ride, sort, learn, and play the days away with the AlphaBus from B. toys! This toy school bus comes with 26 easy-to-hold letter pieces and 4 colorful shapes. Kids can build different words on the magnetic board, then flip the bus to play a shape sorting game on the other side. The school bus has a slot for each letter and 4 slots on the roof for every shape! Match each letter and shape to its place, watch them fall inside the bus, then open the back door to retrieve ‘em and go again! Playing with the AlphaBus not only comes with tons of fun, but it can help children learn letters, develop their vocabulary, and improve their fine motor skills. Recommended for little learners 3 years and over.

3 Years +

  • Toy School Bus: Ride into fun in a colorful school bus that comes with 26 letter pieces and 4 shapes!
  • Fun Features: Build different words on the magnetic board or play a shape sorting game!
  • Educational Play: The AlphaBus encourages kids to learn letters and expand their vocabulary.
  • Storage Space: Little learners can open the back door of the bus and store all the pieces inside.
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