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Momi - PASTEL Educational Mat

Momi - PASTEL Educational Mat

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MoMi PASTEL mat is a product that combines an educational mat with toys, and a dry ball pool. It’s a wonderful playground for your baby.

MoMi PASTEL 2in1 mat is an educational mat, and dry ball pool. MoMi PASTEL is a product that will develop the sensory skills of your baby from the moment they are born.

MoMi PASTEL allows to create a comfortable space for the first attempts at playing and crawling. The additional playpen feature limits the uncontrollable explorations of the toddler.

MoMi PASTEL combines the features of an educational mat with sensory toys where your baby can play safely. MoMi PASTEL mat is also a dry ball pool.

Mata MoMi PASTEL is made of a thick fabric, which has thermo-insulating properties, and ensures comfort while playing. Additionally, the mat is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Sensory toys and their sounds enhance the playing experience for the baby and give the Mum a moment of rest. The baby will surely enjoy the rustling toys and have lots of fun while you’ll be able to relax.

MoMi PASTEL mat comes in pastel colours, which are nice to look at for both parents and the Little One. The interesting design on the mat will make the baby want to play while lying on the stomach and getting to know new shapes and colours.


  • it’s an educational mat with sensory toys
  • it serves as a dry ball pool
  • made of cosy textiles with a thermos-insulating feature. 
  • helps to develop the sensory skills of the Little One
  • has a bag for storing balls (30 units)
  • comes with a tummy time pillow, which will be helpful with the attempts at crawling
  • large size, after unfolding it’s 107x106x55 cm, in the dry ball pool mode it’s 83x72x55cm
  • it has two toy bars, where one can attach included toys.
  • it comes with 5 versatile toys to hang, for instance, a rustling garland and a mirror that can be used as separate toys
  • made in muted, pastel colours
  • complies with EU norms: EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3

Dimensions of the unfolded mat: 107x106x55cm

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