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Reobrix - SP3

Reobrix - SP3

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Allow me to present the highlights of this sports car building block toy:

  • Realistic Exterior: Meticulously crafted appearance that captures the essence of a real sports car, every detail authentically replicated.

  • 1:16 Scale: Precisely modeled at a 1:16 scale, showcasing an astonishingly accurate size representation.

  • Manual Door Opening: Engage in interactive fun by manually opening the car doors, experiencing a hands-on driving feel.

  • Removable Car Roof: Designed with a detachable roof, offering the excitement of open-air driving, and easy adjustment of play modes.

  • Metallic Painted Wheel Hubs: Metallic painted wheel hubs add a touch of luxury, making your sports car even more distinctive.

This sports car building block toy not only boasts an eye-catching appearance but also provides a truly immersive operational experience. From aesthetics to interactive features, each detail will immerse you in the joy of driving.



Pcs: 1168
Finished Size:30.5 × 17.5 × 7.2 cm
Weight: 2.1kg

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