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Goliath, Mots Meles Junior

Goliath, Mots Meles Junior

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Junior Word Search game presentation

The crossword puzzle board game suitable for children from 5 years old. A player turns the board a notch and reads the word aloud, or describes the symbols that appear in the window. All players then scan the grid for that word or symbol. This game is designed to support children in learning to read, with 3 types of grids:
- Blue grids - Symbols: find sets of 3 symbols in the correct order
- Red grids - Drawings: drawings help to find the first words
- Green grids - Mixed words: only words to read, in script letters, the consonants are blue and the vowels are red.
An evolving, educational and fun game, well suited to learner readers!

Content:  1 game board in 3 parts in which we insert a card (26 x 26 cm), 1 rubber pouêt-pouêt, 9 double-sided cards (i.e. 16 game grids for 3 levels), 140 colored lenses to mark the words or symbols found (diam. 2.1 cm), ruler.

Numbers of players 2 - 4
age range From 5 to 8 years old
Duration of the game 15 mins
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