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Motorola AM24 Audio Baby Monitor with LCD Screen

Motorola AM24 Audio Baby Monitor with LCD Screen

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  • AUDIO BABY MONITOR: The AM24 baby monitor has a strong connection due to the DECT wireless technology that allows volume control on the parent unit while listening in on your little bundle of joy. Features a black/white LCD screen with amber backlight.
  • LONG RANGE BABY MONITOR: Be able to hear your little one from the baby nursery in any room in the house with extensive range up to 1,000 ft. These baby monitors are ideal for getting chores done around the house so you can listen in while staying busy.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Conveniently hear your baby at the perfect volume with built-in control on the parent unit. Features room temperature monitoring. This two-way communication monitor includes a high-sensitivity mic to catch the slightest sounds.
  • PORTABLE PARENT UNIT: Built-in rechargeable battery pack makes this baby monitor ideal to use throughout the house and while on-the-move for up to 10 hours. Allows you to stay connected with a close ear on your baby while remaining active.
  • LED LIGHT INDICATION: The parent unit and baby unit feature a power-on visual LED indication light as well as an out-of-range visual LED indication so you can feel secure knowing you are connected with your baby.
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