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Chicco Toys

Chicco Toys - Baobab Shape Sorter

Chicco Toys - Baobab Shape Sorter

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Shape sorter toy, inspired by nature with its beautiful  colors and shape, made of 80% recycled plastic. 

A colorful baobab at their fingertips, for their first discoveries!

A sorter toy in the shape of a beautiful baobab, to stimulate manual activities and tactile exploration. Babies will have fun feeling and touching all the texture on the tree, the animals' engraved on the shapes and the sliding rings, while putting the shapes in the correct hole to help them develop manual coordination and cognitive skills.

  • Baobab Shape Sorter is a toy made of 80% recycled plastic, with a recyclable packaging. It is part of the Chicco ECO+, our Made in Italy collection of sustainable toys that represents our commitment to act responsibly in respect of children and the environment in which they will grow up, by developing products using less fossil resources, contributing to reduce the plastic waste problem.
  • ECO+ toys has the exact same high quality standards as any other Chicco product, both in terms of playability and product safety.


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