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Big Bang Science

Big Bang Science STEAM Magical Crystal Tree-Cute Princess

Big Bang Science STEAM Magical Crystal Tree-Cute Princess

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GROW CRYSTAL – Watch in wonder as crystals grow from like magic; you’ll see the first crystals in minutes and trees will be fully covered in as little as 6 hours making a fantastic crystal display

COMPLETE ACTIVITY SET – Because the crystals absorb the ink from the markers and grow in the colors drawn, this kit combines the science of a crystal-growing lab with the creativity of an art project, making this a well-rounded activity for girls and boys

Big Bang Science makes the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all products are backed by exceptional service


What is included in the kit:

1) 3 Bags of Growth liquid

2) 3 Growth Platform

3) 1 Set Red Dress Card

4) 1 Set Yellow Dress Card

5) 1 Set Green Tree Card

6) 2 Princess Card


What you need to get: Scissors, Hot Water, Cup


The science behind the Experiment:

The paper tree has many tiny fiber holes, these holes can absorb a lot of water on the paper tree ad then releases the water into the air and the dissolved materials in the solution will be precipitated again forming beautiful villi

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