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Momi - PAXI Baby Gate

Momi - PAXI Baby Gate

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Thanks to round edges and an opening system that will not be cracked by even the smartest toddler, MoMi PAXI is completely safe for your baby. It also successfully passed tests and checks carried out by an independent laboratory SGS.

MoMi PAXI baby gate is made of high-quality materials, which is why it’s sturdy, durable and damage-resistant. The installation doesn’t damage walls and it doesn’t require the use of any tools.

For your comfort, MoMi PAXI was designed to open both ways. Additionally, after pushing it slightly it closes automatically so you have the certainty that it will not be opened accidentally.

MoMi PAXI baby gate has a wide adjustment range. Its basic range is between 75 to 82 cm. You’ll find included two extension elements – one 7 cm and the other 14 cm, which allow reaching 103 cm!

The baby gate stays open when it is at 90 degrees. It helps to comfortably move between rooms, when the baby is out of the house or when you want to carry something to another room.

MoMi PAXI baby gate has been created so that it’s safe for the baby, as it doesn’t have any sharp elements, and it has rounded edges. It has successfully passed tests and checks carried out by an independent laboratory SGS. It is also compliant with EN 1930.

Thanks to the wide adjustment range and Interchangeable elements, MoMi PAXI is versatile and easy to adjust to your needs


  • Its maximum width (with extensions) is 103 cm
  • The basic gate can be adjusted from 75 to 82 cm
  • The kit contains two extensions: 7 cm and 14 cm long
  • The MoMi PAXI gate is easy to install and does not require drilling in the walls or using any tools
  • It can be opened both ways
  • The MoMi PAXI gate has a double lock, preventing the child from opening it.
  • The MoMi PAXI gate closes automatically when pushed delicately
  • The gate does not close when opened to 90 degrees
  • Its finish ensures it is safe for the child, it does not have sharp components.
  • It conforms to the European safety standard EN 1930
  • It has passed the tests and inspections carried out by the independent SGS testing laboratory


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