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MoMi - LEXI XL Bed Guard Rail

MoMi - LEXI XL Bed Guard Rail

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MoMi LEXI XL bed guard rail stands out with its size and height, which protects a baby from falling down, who not only sleeps on a bed but also makes attempts to climb. The guard is safe for children and it has been certified by a testing laboratory and it is compliant with EU standards.

The structure of the MoMi LEXI barrier is devoid of sharp elements so that it is completely safe for the child.

A breathable mesh ensures suitable air circulation and prevents sweating and overheating.

The guard can be installed on the bed with a mattress 3-25 cm thick. There are two ways of installing it: by screwing the guard to the bed or by sliding the guard under a mattress.

There is a pocket on the guard for handy accessories.

180° opening adjustment helps to get up comfortably and not worry about taking off the guard

MoMI LEXI has a system that protects against automatic folding. It also meets the requirements of BS 7972 and is certified by SGS laboratories.


  • Simple installation – the guard can be screwed to the bed structure or placed under the mattress and secured with dedicated straps coming with the kit. 
  • Absolutely safe for the child – it successfully completed multi-stage verification and obtained the certificate of the SGS testing laboratory.
  • The product meets the requirements of BS 7972 as well. 
  • The MoMi LEXI guard has a system protecting from spontaneous folding. 
  • It comes with installation straps, reinforcing the structure and ensuring stability when the child pushes against the guard.
  • The guard has a large, two-chamber pocket, where you can store the most useful items, e.g. nappies or the favourite teddy bear. 
  • It comes with a breathable mesh, which ensures suitable air circulation.
  • The opening angle can be adjusted within 180° range, to make it easier for you to leave the bed with no need to remove the guard. You can easily open the gate yourself.
  • Rounded, safe structure, no sharp edges. 
  • The textile is machine-washable.
  • The product is designed for children from 18 months to 5 years.
  • The mattress thickness required to install the guard is 3 to 25 cm

Dimensions 148x64 cm

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