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MoMi - BESTO Educational Mat 3in1

MoMi - BESTO Educational Mat 3in1

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The only one of its kind on the market! Unique and exceptional educational mat MoMi BESTO 3in1. Check how many benefits are waiting for you!

Educational mat is a safe place to play - MoMi BESTO mat is an attractive playground, additionally fenced with textile sides, which will help to provide a safe place for your child to play.

The educational mat supports eye coordination - colorful toys placed on the bar of the MoMi BESTO mat attract the eyes of the curious toddler, while supporting his development.

Sensory toys, toy sounds are all things your Baby will love. While the Toddler will be occupied with these attractions, you will have a moment to yourself. The mat also comes with teething toys in the set.

The educational mat stimulates the senses and develops the sensory - thanks to diverse textures and toys that make sounds, your little one exercises sight and hearing. The sense of touch, on the other hand, is stimulated by the delicate and soft material with which the mat and toys are finished.

The toys in the MoMi BESTO mat are hung on each side, which encourages the toddler to move, and they are also varied, so that he will want to try new stimuli after playing for a while. The rustling booklet and squeaky toys are sure to help him do just that.

BESTO mat is double-sided, so it will provide your baby with maximum fun, and when your baby gets bored with the texture, you can quickly turn it to the other side. The photomat function will provide you with a lot of fun and you will be able to watch your Baby change over time.

Product Features:

• educational mat with an additional photo mat
• dry ball pool function (30 balls)
• thick, heat-insulating material
• large surface area 113 cm x 109 cm x 51 cm
• two toy bars and tummy time pillow
• 6 assorted toys: mirror, rustling book, two teethers, rattle, squeaky toy
• wash the fabric by hand or in the washing machine on the program for delicate fabrics at temp. max. 30 degrees
• complies with European standards: EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3
• child's age: 0+


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